Micro Capsule Welding


You should pay attention to the point that the place where you will have micro capsule hair welding procedure should be professional. In most salons, the hairdressers that say they perform this procedure apply completely irrelevant techniques and may harm your hair. You can get micro capsule hair welding service from our professional hairdressers in our salon.

As little pinches of hair are attached into your own hair, in micro capsule method, it is never understood that you had an operation with your hair.. The look which is formed by separate pinches in classical hair is removed.

When you have a blowout or when you comb or dye your hair, attached hair doesn’t get weaker. It keeps to be in the same condition as it was on the first day.

Especially during summer, as you do activities on holiday at sea, in the pool or under the sun, your hair doesn’t get damaged as it would with other hair welding techniques. You can perform your activities comfortably. Your hair doesn’t get affected by negative environmental factors and remains healthy for a long time.