Ring Welding


Also called as “bead welding”, ring welding is one of the methods that we frequently apply. The method has been named after the material with the shape of ring which is used during the procedure. With welding procedure carried out with the help of this material which consists of light metal alloy, it is possible not only to grow the hair, but also to intensify it. Therefore, we recommend ring bead welding method for the ones complaining about their thin hair.

Ring Welding Method Requires Professionalism and Experience!

Bead ring welding technique is an extremely easy procedure. However, it requires utmost attention, experience and professionalism. Because in this method, compression is carried out. With compression method, the hair is merged mechanically. However, the smallest mistake that can be done during application may cause the hair to tear.

Therefore, it must be carried out by teams with sufficient skills in terms of attention and sensitivity. Craftsmanship is very important in both welding and removing weld. Welds removed with reverse clip can be reused. Removed rings can be used for 2-3 times with specific intervals.