Hair Extension

The procedure which returns hair of women that lost their hair and who wants long hair with the most natural methods is called hair extension procedure. After hair extension, the new hair is light and natural as you do not realize it on your own hair.

Ideal for women who don’t want to have a hair transplant or to wear a wig but who want to have vibrant hair using only natural methods, hair extension techniques are performed to contribute to your beauty by our professional and expert staff.

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What are the types of hair extension?

There are 5  hair extension techniques in the world. The most commonly used method of those five is the silicon extension technique. The silicon mentioned here is a customized version of silicon which is used to stick glass material together. Heated silicon is applied on the skin with a distance of half centimeter on the most alive parts of hair tips.

However, keratin extension is known as the most appropriate method for all hair types. As keratin has the same structure as hair, no problem occurs in terms of color differences and soundness.

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Ring extension is the most preferred hair extension technique in the world. Preferred as it is applied practically and quickly, this technique is also called as bead extension. The ideal choice for women who cannot spend much time on long-lasting extension procedures is ring extension.

Polyurethane extension is one of the most quickly applied techniques despite not being preferred much. The technique which is called as polyurethane extension is applied in wide pinches. However, due to its usage span and difficult maintaining procedures, it is not commonly preferred by women.

Tres extension is a technique which is very popular in South America region. Hair pinches stitched to knit is applied on the bottom of the hair.

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Hair Extension in İstanbul

If you would like to have long hair with natural look, you can have one of the hair extension procedures that we apply. Only virgin hair is used in our hair extension procedures in Istanbul. Feel your hair long with our expert staff.

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Good morning I will be in Istanbul on the 22 of December and I would like to have some volume to my hair and a few cm of length What technique do you use? Also, what are the prices ? Many thanks
Please could you give me an idea of the price for keratin extensions. Thank you.
Christina Öztürk
Hallo, Ich bin im sommer bei der Familie in Istanbul und wollte meine Haare verlängern lassen. Bisher habe ich es immer in Deutschland gemacht und wollte nun die Preis/Leistung vergleichen. Wie sind die Preise bei Ihnen? Danke im voraus und Liebe Grüße, Christina

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