Micro Gel Extension

Micro gel extension procedure is one of the most preferred hair extension methods in Italy. In Italy, this method is called as “Cold Fusion”. With its other name, cold extension method, the procedure is applied using an adhesive similar to super glue, not natural wax. This adhesive gel has also gave the hair extension method its name. It is applied in a way that the weld hair is glued on the current hair directly.

Can Micro Gel Extension Be Used For A Long Time?

As Paris kuaför, we apply many hair extension methods successfully. However, we do not recommend this method. Because our experiences say that this method cannot be used for a long time. There may not be a problem just after the application. However, after some time, it is observed that the hair may grow white or get lost.

Therefore, a while after the micro extension method is applied, another extension operation may be needed. That’s why we do not recommend micro gel extension method for hair extension procedure. However, we may apply this operation upon your request. But you should know that we cannot guarantee anything.

The important point of hair extension operation is not the result observed just after the application. It is whether the person has complaints after a long time use or not. As a team that has been applying hair extension operations for long years, we recommend methods that provide satisfaction in the long term to our clients. Our clients who listens to our experiences and recommendations are always happy with the results they get. But of course, the choice is yours!

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