Hair Extension Models

Long and vibrant hair is the dream of most women. However, it takes much effort and time to have long and vibrant hair. At this point, hair extension applications step in to make the dreams of women come true.

Thanks to the extension methods that have attracted attention of many women in all countries all around the globe, you can restore your hair that you had cut in the past for any reason.

Thanks to keratin extension applied in our salon, you can have completely natural extensions. As keratin is a material that is naturally found in the hair, this procedure does not harm your hair.

Micro hair extension is a procedure that can be applied on even the shortest hair and one of the most demanded hair extension techniques by women.

How Is Hair Extension Performed?

You can have your hair extension procedures in our salon by experts within a completely reliable and hygienic environment. The durability of shape of the model to be applied varies by type.

Extension model that you chose is applied after maintaining your hair and you get healthy, natural hair in a short while.

Welded hair isn’t affected by any negative circumstance. For example, when you swim or when you are exposed to intense sunlight, no change or deterioration occurs on hair. To use the model you want for a long time just like the first day, you can contact our salon and benefit from our services.

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