Micro Hair Extension

Having been applied in our salon professionally, micro hair extension technique is one of the latest hair extension techniques in the world. This type of hair extension technique consists of micro processes added to your hair in little pinches. The procedure is carried out in a way that transparent capsule granules are melt with under high temperature and placed onto the hair.

As little pinches added to the hair weld are thin and invisible, hair looks useful and healthy. Compared to the other extension techniques, added hair consists of pinches that are 50% thinner. Thanks to high quality material, it is provided for women with a usage span of 6 months by European experts.

Micro hair extension technique is an ideal choice for women that care about their hair and that are aware of the fact that hair is an area that a woman should give utmost attention.

Thanks to micro hair extension application you will feel the quality of our job by touches that will add a natural and beautiful feeling to your hair for a long time.

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