Keratin Extension

One of the methods that we mostly recommend for hair extension is keratin hair extension application. Keratin is a material that is found in human body, especially in nails and hair and that consists of protein and amino acid. As it is a material which is very natural and to which the human body is accustomed, it provides a high rate of success in hair extension procedures.

Can Keratin Extension Be Applied On All Types Of Hair?

Keratin hair is a method which is healthier than many hair extension methods in terms of aesthetic and hygiene. However, the hair should have some qualifications to have a keratin extension operation. Keratin is a thick adhesive. Therefore, applying it on short, weak and thin hair means that the adhesive can be seen from outside.

For a successful extension with this method, the hair should be long, thick and strong enough. Many procedure can be applied to the hair on which this method is applied. For example, a blowout can be performed as it won’t melt and stick. As we apply the method in very thin dots, the extension won’t be understood even if the hair grows.

Is The Hair Damaged During Application?

As special techniques are used for both applying and removing welds, the hair is not damaged at all. You can visit our salon when you wish and get your keratin welds off. We use a special solution for this procedure. We remove welds easily and without damaging the hair.

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