Micro Nano Extension

Used very commonly in USA and preferred in our country frequently, micro nano extension is the invisible hair extension procedure. In the USA, this procedure is called as “invisible touch”. Our suggestion for the ones that want to have extension but complain about the hardness of the sticking material used in extension would be hair extension procedure with micro nano extension technique.

What Is The Difference Of Micro Nano Extension?

This technique is commonly mistaken for micro capsule procedure. Micro capsule technique is one of the few invisible hair extension techniques. However, in micro capsule, natural wax is used during extension hair. This material doesn’t cause any discomfort during use. But during micro extension, hair extension is performed using a softer material.

There are two main criteria of a successful hair extension procedure:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Quality of hair

If the craftsmanship isn’t successful, it will be very hard for you to be satisfied with the extension procedure even if material with highest quality is used. Similarly, using artificial hair without quality during hair extension procedure with perfect craftsmanship prevents you from being satisfied with your hair. Therefore, craftsmanship and quality of material cannot be thought of separately.

As Paris Kuaför, we use only Virgin Ladies 100% natural human hair. Along with not using artificial hair, we also color the hair that we applied by ourselves. As we use the same color of your own hair, there is not even a difference of tone in your hair. Both the material we use and our craftsmanship are 100% guaranteed.

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