Video Gallery


If you are curious about the services we offer, you can have a glance at the video gallery that we have prepared for you. To remove all question marks on your mind, you can see how bead welded hair is made, have a glance at the results of hair welding application and see what phases are there for each hair welding types in the videos that we prepared for you.

As you remove the questions in your mind by watching our videos which are guides for you, you can also see before and after photos of hair welding applications. Therefore, you can have knowledge on the service that you will have.

How Are Hair Welding Applications Performed?

It would be more useful if you trust in professional people in terms of hair welding applications instead of moving unconsciously and giving your hair to inexperienced people. All videos that we prepared in detail about how hair welding applications are performed have been recorded in our salon.

No other procedure was applied on the hair before the videos of hair welding application By telling each and every move before and after the application, we ensure that you have knowledge about the procedure.

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