Medical Hair Extension

medical hair extension

If you want to have fuller and more beautiful looking hair, you can also try hair extension applications. Highly reliable hair extension applications can even be applied to the shortest hair. There is no harm to your hair when it’s been applied in a professional way and you can use it reliably for a long time. Medical hair extension application, which is one of the extension applications, is the most preferred by women in recent years, is among the reliable hair extension methods.

What is Medical Hair Extension?

If you are wondering what medical extension is, we can say that it is among the most preferred hair extension applications in recent years. Medical hair extension is an invisible type of hair extension that can be applied to even the shortest hair between 01 and 05 cm. No one can notice if any treatment has been applied to your hair since it is applied with finer hairs compared to other types of hair extensions. Thanks to its special dye, medical hair extensions can take the color of your natural hair by new generation technologies.

Medical Hair Extension

If you are wondering how medical hair extension is being done, you can continue read our article. Medical hair extension is being applied with natural hair. The processing time of the medical hair extension is directly proportional to the type of extension and the structure of your natural hair. Medical hair extension is a type of extension that you can use until your hair grows. Since hair growth process may vary from person to person, it is not possible to give a clear usage time.

Medical Hair Extension Price

Medical extension price and performance is extremely advantageous compared to other types of hair extension. Medical hair extension prices may vary according to the type of hair supply you will have. The current state of your hair is among the important details that affect prices.

Medical Extension Difference From Other Hair Extensions

After the application of medical hair extension, you can continue to swim doubtlessly. Medical hair extension, is advantageous over the other hair extensions in terms of its lifetime. The difference between medical extension and other hair extensions is that with medical hair extension, you can get a natural hair fully looking like yours.

Medical Extension Istanbul

Medical extension is a type of hair extension that you can have it done at different hair extension centers in Istanbul. However, if you plan to have a medical hair application in Istanbul, you may need to be careful. Medical hair extension applications are applications that require experience.

If you want to have healthier and natural looking hair, you should choose the salons that offer professional hair extension services. So you can have hair that you can use reliably for a long time.

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